It was a beautiful late summer evening of 2014. Things were quiet in the city of Casper. Several people saw a need in the community of what used to be and wasn’t anymore and decided to bring it back for more choices. Casper Theater Company is pleased to announce the creation of a new semi-professional non-profit theater company in Casper  

  So the several people put their heads together and decided to form a new theater company. Many names were discussed. We decided on Casper Theater Company or CTC as we like to call it. It was short and to the point, and said exactly who we are and what we do.

 Brian Davy, Carol Chapin, Mona Maxwell Creel, and Donna Fisher headed into the new adventure. We met, had a discussion about goals, wrote the By-laws, and then added a Operations Manual for have job descriptions of board, and executive director, historian, and a PR person. We talked about a logo next. We had a lot of ideas and decided the faces, a curtain and our name.

 Next we met with, what we call the “membership”: people who would like to be involved with our theater company. We talked about our ideas, goals and how we would start up the new adventure. Carol found us a dynamic FREE rehearsal space, and we took on our first play, which found us, sorta.

A local business’s Christmas party was postponed from Dec 5th to Jan. 24th. Jay Bissett and Mary Jackson took on a piece from an editorial written by Charlotte Babcock. We called it Yuletide Misgivings as we adapted it into a play. In addition we added 2 very different versions of “The Night Before Christmas” one from the parents perspective and one about the month after Christmas.  We had a lot of fun and we think they did, too! So now we have officially become a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit semi-professional theater company! For your tax deductible donations refer to EIN # 47-2434621.